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Newcastle Racer Athletics

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Newcastle Racer Athletics

Newcastle Public Schools

Newcastle Racer Athletics

Newcastle Public Schools

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8 months ago @ 10:49AM

Online Pass & Ticket Purchasing (2019-20)

CLICK HERE to purchase All-Sport Passes & Online Game Tickets

We are pleased to announce that All-Sport Passes and game tickets are now available for purchase through our website. Racer fans will be able to buy single game tickets and All-Sport Passes through GoFan. GoFan allows fans to purchase tickets with a credit card and get into the games faster. Fans will access their tickets on their mobile device and show them at the gate for entry. Check out the videos below for tutorials on how to buy, access, and share tickets.

*Please note that convenience fees are charged at checkout

All-Sports Pass: $50.00

Single Event Tickets: $5.00

How to Buy Tickets Video: GoFan-How to Buys Tickets

Accessing & Sharing Tickets Video: GoFan-Accessing and Sharing Tickets


Purchase passes or single game digital tickets ahead of time via your mobile device with GoFan via a valid email address. Bring your device to the event and your digital ticket or pass can be redeemed by the gate workers with a swipe of a finger! Each family member must present their own ticket or pass on their mobile device if you arrive at different times. After you purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link. You can share that link with other family members if you purchased multiple individual tickets or passes. Click HERE for more details on how to obtain your digital tickets and passes. GoFan also offers support from their call center, which will help you to buy tickets and passes or answer any questions you might have. Their phone number is 678-679-7676 or you can reach them by email


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